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Nova Harley Luxury Brisbane Voted Number 1 Changing Bag for 2015
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Voted Number 1


The team at Nova Harley Luxury are proud to announce that the Nova Harley Luxury has been voted number 1 changing bag of 2015 in the Mummy and Little Me Changing Bag Awards.

The Brisbane has been a top selling bag ever since its release in 2014 with it’s trade mark bright and cheerful yellow colour, signature lining, removable interior and practical accessories.  Mums are loving the internal space that this bag affords as it is deceptively large yet still maintains a stylish look and feel especially with the textured leather.

We would like to thank Mummy and Little Me for arranging the awards and to all of our fans for voting for us.

If you are in the UK and would like to purchase your Nova Harley Luxury Brisbane from Mummy and Little Me, the link can be found here:

To see the results click here: